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Transfiguration CYO
40 Prospect Avenue
Tarrytown, NY 10591


Transfiguration  teams participate in CYO leagues for boys and girls in Grades 3 to 8. Instructional basketball begins in Grade 2 and is avialble in our clinic program. The objectives of the program are: teach the game, focus on the fundamentals; develop good sportsmanship and team play; promote self-esteem of all players; prepare players for more competitive play as they get older; have fun; and represent Transfiguration in an honorable manner at all times.

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NOTICE  Updated ***10/23/20 ***



See Note from CYO Director below:




**** Updated 8/18/20 ***

Letter from CYO Commissioners
Bill McLoughlin / Charles Alfonro  & Seth Pelosi 

WPCYO Coordinators,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the summer, while social distancing and staying safe.

We understand these are challenging and unprecedented times, and right now we're all dealing with a lot of priorities and concerns…with the health of our families, our jobs and schools being at the top of the list. At the same time, the Governor has just given NY schools the go-ahead to open. Like us, you’re also wondering what this means for CYO…so, here’s a brief update.

We’ve been working on different plans and scenarios, and below is a note from Seth, recently sent to all CYO County Commissioners. The takeaway for us is that we remain optimistic, and hope to have a CYO basketball season, from January to May.

The safety of our players, volunteers and families is our number one concern. In addition, several schools have closed, and others may be using their gyms for classrooms, in order to provide social distancing. We also need input from each of you, regarding your programs and facilities, so be on the lookout for our feasibility survey.

In the meantime, we encourage you to think out of the box…as Seth suggests below, consider outdoor activities, such as cross country, which CYO will be offering in a safe environment. In addition, we will be exploring outdoor space to offer fall outdoor clinics and other opportunities, to get kids moving and playing!

On the WPCYO website, we have created a “Return to Play” resource page for the community. This will serve as a central point of reference as we move forward with updates and information.

We’ll have the feasibility survey out to you shortly. Stay safe, and here’s hoping we’ll be back on the courts soon! 





2019-2020 practice schedule 

5:45-7:00  4th Boys - Tim P / Jim D
7:00-8:15  7th Boys  - Paul R / Ron G
4:30-5:45. 4th Girls - Mike  H / Vielka
5:45-7:00 - 8th Boys- Victor S / Mike S
7:00-8:15.   6th Boys - Jerry Z / John C 
8:15-9:30. 7th Girl - Joe / Danielle / Rob 
4:30-5:45 3rd Girls  - Denis / Jessica  
5:45-7:00  5th Boys - Chris  M
7:00-8:15 - 7th Girls - Beth L / Rob
8:15-9:30 - 8th Girls  - Chris G 
4:30-5:45 5th Girls - Nichol R /
5:45-7:00 3rd Boys - Nick / Matt
7:00-8:15 6th Girl - Rob S / Alisha


by Transfiguration CYO posted 06/28/2019
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